In or Out?

In or Out? By Atty. Macario De Claro, Jr. October 9, 2019   You may have heard in the news that the Philippine Competition Commission is looking into big mergers and the behavior of dominant market players. The PCC investigates alleged abuses of dominant position and reviews proposed mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures that exceed… continue reading ››

A conflict of laws?

A conflict of laws? Atty. Johannes R. Bernabe September 25, 2019   Intellectual property law and competition law have traditionally  been seen as at odds with one another. The conflict owes to the premise that intellectual property law is intended to protect the rights of inventors, artists, writers and businesses through the grant of patents,… continue reading ››

Exclusive only

Exclusive only By Atty. Amabelle C. Asuncion August 14, 2019   IF there is one word in the lexicon that evokes special or expensive, or both, that would be the word “exclusive.” Attach exclusive to anything and it magically turns into something rare and highly coveted. A club, an event, a film screening, or an… continue reading ››

Don’t be evil

Don’t be evil By Atty. Amabelle C. Asuncion June 5, 2019   Abuse in any context is bad. There are laws against different forms of abuse: child abuse, abuse of women, abuse of authority, to name a few. The essence of these laws is to protect those in a position of weakness or disadvantage against… continue reading ››