About the theme

Just a little over two years since the landmark enactment of the Philippine Competition Act (PCA) in 2015, significant headway has been made in mainstreaming competition policy in the Philippines. For the first time in the country’s socioeconomic planning history, a dedicated chapter on competition was adopted in the Philippine Development Plan for 2017-2022, which serves as the country’s blueprint for development in the medium term. With this game-changing development, the enforcement of competition policy became part and parcel of the country’s development strategy for sustained and inclusive growth.

To sustain these positive changes, and in line with Philippine Competition Commission’s push toward building a culture of competition in the country, the agency embarked on an advocacy campaign to build linkages with sector regulators and other government agencies. These early successes of PCC’s initiatives in mainstreaming competition policy and building partnerships underscore the importance of developing a streamlined approach as well as a mutual understanding of concerns among various agencies.

This year’s theme serves as an invitation to the business community, other government regulators and the general public to join us in imagining brave new Philippine markets—those which bear fruit for businesses and consumers alike for the simple reason that they are under a system that is fair and just.