2020: Toward a more robust competition regime

2020: Toward a more robust competition regime By Arsenio M. Balisacan, PhD January 15, 2020   In last week’s column, I discussed how 2019 proved to be a banner year for the Philippine Competition Commission. Having gained significant experience in the past three years, the PCC confidently flexed its enforcement muscle by deciding on several… continue reading ››

2019: A banner year for competition enforcement

2019: A banner year for competition enforcement By Arsenio M. Balisacan, PhD January 8, 2020   Despite the many headwinds it continued to face, the Philippine economy received some welcome news at the end of 2019: poverty estimates recently released show that the country’s full-year poverty incidence dropped from 23.3 percent in 2015 to 16.6… continue reading ››

Hailing Grab across Asia

Grab hailing in Asia By Atty. Amabelle C. Asuncion November 20, 2019   The “non-millennials” might still remember those hilarious movie scenes where a long queue of passengers competing for a cab on the street would inevitably be beaten by an attractive woman flashing her shapely legs. Within minutes, a cab would dash to pick… continue reading ››

In or Out?

In or Out? By Atty. Macario De Claro, Jr. October 9, 2019   You may have heard in the news that the Philippine Competition Commission is looking into big mergers and the behavior of dominant market players. The PCC investigates alleged abuses of dominant position and reviews proposed mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures that exceed… continue reading ››

A conflict of laws?

A conflict of laws? Atty. Johannes R. Bernabe September 25, 2019   Intellectual property law and competition law have traditionally  been seen as at odds with one another. The conflict owes to the premise that intellectual property law is intended to protect the rights of inventors, artists, writers and businesses through the grant of patents,… continue reading ››

Exclusive only

Exclusive only By Atty. Amabelle C. Asuncion August 14, 2019   IF there is one word in the lexicon that evokes special or expensive, or both, that would be the word “exclusive.” Attach exclusive to anything and it magically turns into something rare and highly coveted. A club, an event, a film screening, or an… continue reading ››

Big tech in a small economy

Big tech in a small economy By Arsenio M. Balisacan July 31, 2019   Much has been said about the dominance of the so-called tech titans: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and the like. Not a day goes by that the decisions and policies of these companies do not touch the lives of millions of citizens,… continue reading ››

Is my ‘suki’ a price fixer?

Is my ‘suki’ a price fixer? By Atty. Macario De Claro Jr. July 3, 2019   You have recently learned about the Philippine Competition Act and have become more wary of possible violations in everyday life. A case that comes to mind is the price of your favorite snack and its competitors. All these products… continue reading ››

Abuse of Dominance

Abuse of Dominance by Atty. Johannes Benjamin R. Bernabe June 19, 2019   Cartels are more easily understood by lawyers and economists familiarizing themselves with competition law concepts. Even laymen have a general understanding of price-fixing and bid-rigging as acts among competitors that ought to be prohibited and penalized. However, the practices that the Philippine… continue reading ››

Don’t be evil

Don’t be evil By Atty. Amabelle C. Asuncion June 5, 2019   Abuse in any context is bad. There are laws against different forms of abuse: child abuse, abuse of women, abuse of authority, to name a few. The essence of these laws is to protect those in a position of weakness or disadvantage against… continue reading ››